Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't Ask...

OK kids, get ready for a quick tip on things not to ask in public...proceeded by the situation that inspired this post.

So yesterday, we were having a nice, quiet family meal at the local burger joint. You know. The one with Shakes and Steakburgers. But I digress.

Into the booth behind us files a man and his two children, both quite young (the children). The waitress, again quite young, comes to take their order and realizes she knows them. Note: I promise I wasn't eavesdropping. This girl's voice carried. Bonus: If you are going to be that loud in public, you're fair game honey!

So she proceeds to ask them a slew of questions. Normal questions you would ask of someone you went to church with or worked with before. Uninterested, I go back to my cookie dough milkshake. (Yum!)
Another lull in conversation hits at our table and I hear the waitress again. This time, I severely wish I hadn't. In front of God and everyone (not to mention his kids) the waitress asks the man "Are you still married?".

I wish you had been there to see my reaction. Or maybe not as I'm told my "looks can kill", I guess I display a little too much with my emotions. I think I might have a french fry in my lung too. Not pretty. It took every bit of training in me not to say something to her. I decided not to embarrass him any further. I can only imagine the man's reaction as I was looking at the back of his head and could see his tension from behind.

Seriously? I hope we all understand that a person's marital status is not an appropriate topic of conversation in public. Let alone in front of the kids! If you don't know this, let my experience be an oh-so-sweet warning... this is a No-No! Keep those topics private, if even discussed at all. 

Has anyone ever asked you something inappropriate in public? I hope not, but if so... share it here!


  1. Not that I can remember but I have asked the BIG NO NO question..."when are you due?"...something by the way that I only had to do once getting a resounding "I'm not pregnant"....never, NEVER again.

  2. Oh my goodness. It's sad now that people will still hit on someone even if their children are with them. Sick.