Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unspoken Rules of the Road: I wish you were made of glass!

You're not made of glass, and neither am I. Therefore, I cannot see through you and vis-versa.

So you are driving along and you arrive at stop sign to turn right. There is another turn lane next to you to turn left at said stop sign. You look right...all clear. You look left and suddenly there is another car in your line of sight. Whoops! Now you can't check the road for oncoming vehicles.  You struggle in vain to catch a glimpse of oncoming traffic through their car windows. Yeah... no luck.

Please don't be that person in the left lane. The appropriate thing to do is, if you are second at the stop, wait for the other person to go and give them some room to see. I'm not exactly sure if this "blocking because I'm in a hurry technique" is legal or not, but it is definitely NOT good manners. Whoever arrives first, gets to go first! Just as if you were at a 4-way stop.

This happens to me all the time leaving the post office. Has it happened to you recently??

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