Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teaching Table Manners to Toddlers: Getting Ready to Eat

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Before the first fork-full is eaten, there are more chances to teach your little one Table Manners. Ok, I'm not saying to do all these things at once. A little bit goes a long way!

Here are some things to try when you sit down to eat your meal...

1. Have your child sit properly. Bottom in the chair, feet facing forwards and no slouching. I know trying to make a toddler sit still is like trying to make an elephant to fly! You may have to lovingly remind them several times, but after a while, they get it. They will have to learn to sit still in school, church and other places. Might as well start early!

2. Napkins are there for a reason.. use them. It might become a play thing at first, but I promise they are still too young to figure out where to hide the peas :)

3. Proper etiquette for anyone at the table is to wait until everyone is served until they begin eating. It is hard for a child to resist what is in front of them, so try this. Serve everyone at the same time, including children. Also, you can try making their plate ahead of time, but not putting in front of them until everyone is ready.
We started doing this when I realized the kids were finished eating before I had taken the first bite. Therefore, most parents (moms) never get to eat a hot meal! Sound familiar?? Serving everyone together makes sure you get to have a nice meal and that your broccoli is still warm, at least.

I hope you are beginning to enjoy meals with your little one. Check back tomorrow for some tips for the main event!

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